UI Design / UX Design / Icon Creation


ESI is a Bozeman based, laser manufacturing solution for the micro-technology industry. Their lasers harness the power of light for material characterization -- or more simply, put any sort of material underneath it and it will tell you what this material is made from. Scientists use the system for a variety of analysis.

ESI contracted me to redesign their entire user interface.





Inerface detail

The new look needed to simplify the workflow, allowing for more visual clarity. The previous interface was overwhelming and cluttered. There is a variety of ways this can be used, so it was important to create personas to address each of these situations. This allowed us to show much less at once which in turn has allowed users to speed up their process by as much as 50%.


Developer specs needed to be extremely detailed. Putting a spec sheet together like this can help answer a lot of questions that may arise in the development stage.

Development - phase two

The development team took my specs and built out the interface. Here, this video illustrates what a sample chamber looks like and how a user sets up a pattern for material characterization. The design creates more canvas space and more control over what tools are being shown.

ESI did user studies all over the world with scientist who had 10+ years experience with the prior interface. We took their feedback and tailored the UI, then took it back for a second round of testing. As a result of our refining, the final product has received rave reviews from people throughout the industry.