Branding / Web Design / UX


SOULVEST will help you automatically invest a percentage of your everyday spending into socially responsible portfolios. This new start-up out of Bozeman, MT is in early development stages.

My role was to help create a brand and website that could be used as a means to get funding money in order to create their minimum viable product.






The naming process was a big first step since the client came to me without a name or any visual direction. After several brainstorming sessions we settled on SOULVEST.

The logo mark resembles a divide sign. At closer inspection, the o's are oblong and stretched to resemble halos. It's a subtle way of saying exactly what SOULVEST does -- dividing your money into portfolio's with "soul".


Although the company is in very early development stages, they wanted to establish some goals for the User Experience.

  1. Assure the simplest sign-up process possible. Preferably no more than a four-step process.
  2. To make sure they educate their potential customers in the most exact and reduced form. No unnecessary language.
  3. If it's not absolutely essential then it needs to go.